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Science - The Religion of all


            “Science is the religion of all “- Albert Eienstein.
            “Physics is the study of the laws which govern each and every activity happening around us”
Dear students,

Kindly go through the following questions and try to answer them. Can you find the law or principle or rule which govern the following activities.

1.      A bus going at a speed comes to a sudden rest when the brakes are applied.

2.      A mighty ship floats whereas a small metal ball sinks in sea

3.      The launching of rockets.

4.      The glittering of diamond

5.      Principle of atom bomb.

6.      The taking off of an aeroplane

7.      The projection of cinema in a big screen at a cinema theatre

8.      Thunder arrester

9.      The continuous burning of wick stove or kuthuvilakku with the help of oil

10.  The blue colour of sky.

11.  Working of water heater.

12.  Using of red colour as a signal for danger.

13.  Electric motor or electric dynamo

14.  Covering the jewels made of silver with gold. (imitation jewellery)

15.  “Give me a place to stand and give me lever of suitable length. I will lift the earth”- said Archimedes. Had he been provided with these things would he been successful? If not, why?

Wish you all success,

Sri R.Hariharakrishnan,  

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