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Are You Curious to Answer ?

These questions are solely intended for making curiosity in mathematics. It is a small effort to open a small window into the great world of mathematics. I hope while searching for the answers for these questions, you will get thrilled about the subject. If this search increases your interest in mathematics, I would be very happy. 
There are 3 famous mathematicians of the same family. Their last part of the names are the same. Who are they?

2.       What is special about the Ramanujam number 1729?

3.       Who are mathematicians who devised the subject “calculus”?

4.       Can you mention three mathematicians who have also contributed to physics?

5.       “Koningsbergbridge” is in Russia, which is starting point of a new branch of Mathematics. What is it? Who was the mathematician devised the new branch?

6.       Which prize is called the Nobel prize for mathematics?

7.       In which God did Ramanujanhad full faith in his findings in mathematics?

8.       Who is the English mathematician who helped Ramajujan and who brought his talents to the world?

9.       Which country contributed the number 0 (zero)?

10.   If the perimeter of any circle is divided by its diameter, we will get a constant. What is it?

11.   Who is called the Prince of Mathematics?

12.   What is the birthday of Ramajujan?

13.   Only one of the 7 problems called the millennium problems in mathematics is solved as on date. Who solved it? What is the problem?

14.   A great mathematician became deaf and blind at the age of 60. He made almost equal contributions to mathematics before and after becoming blind. Who is he?

15.   Ramanujan was not even a graduate. He was awarded the highest honour for his contributions to mathematics. What is it?

Courtesy : Sri R.Harihara Krishnan

Happy Teachers Day

Dear Friends,

Coming 5th is Vinayakar Chathurthi, which comes along with Teachers Day. Yes , Our Teacher is our God

Mathru devo bhava 
Pitru devo bhava 
Acharya devo bhava

Let us thank, our teacher, who opened the world with the  eyes of KNOWLEDGE.
Just Go and Meet your teacher, who inspired you and present a Gift and get his blessings.

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Venkat Pakkangal wishes its readers a Very Very Happy Krishna Jeyanthi.

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Dear Friends,

  1. 1. What is reading ?

2. Why reading ?

3. How to select books for reading ?

4. Is there any necessity to read books after education ?

Do we have any responsibility to introduce the world of books to our children, other than regular academic books ?


Chennai BOOK Fair is going on from 9th January .

Is there any plan to visit ?

This is the right time to Get up early

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Tamil Month Margazhi.  The Special Month.  Bagavan Sri Krishna told in   Bhagavath Gita as He is Margazhi in Months.  

What is the Speciality  of this month ? Spiritually Or Scientifically 

The month Margazhi (Margasirsh in Sanskrit) or Danur masam of the Hindu 

calendar is considered extremely holy. Shivas ArudraDarshan comes in this 

month. Vaikunda Ekadasi comes in this month. Aandals Tiruppavai and 

Manikkavasagars Tiruvempavai is chanted during this month. Music stands 

tall. Temples have special early morning pooja  . In Bagavadgita Krishna 

himself says,

 Masanam Margaseersho Asmi

The Ozone layer[o3] comes close to us during the month, which is SCIENTIFICALLY proven as it is good for health.  

OK.  What we have to do in this month ?
  •  Get up early in Brahma Muhurtham 
  •  Go with Bhajan people
  •  Pray God and everything will be success for you